Fustic offers multiple locations for dining and entertainment. All meals are prepared to the highest standards by our on-site chef – Andy Taylor, formally of Lonestar Restaurant and Maddox fame. Cocktails and canapés on the terrace, wood oven pizzas, gourmet lunches and dinners, elegant afternoon tea or a morning cappuccino with friends can all be part of your stay at Fustic. We even have a dedicated movie room, when you can catch your favourite movies, while snacking on pop corn and other treats.If you wish to dine out, Barbados is home to many seaside restaurants offering rustic or gourmet seafood menus. Deep-fried salted cod fish cakes or shrimp ceviche? Grilled lobster drizzled with lemon and garlic butter, or battered conch with fries and ketchup? A bottle of Banks beer or a fine French white wine? Pick an oceanfront table and enjoy your meal as the sun sets.